Winter 2017

Rosie Chappel

As you know, we absolutely love blogs filled with craft ideas that inspire us to think beyond the square, but this month we bring you something a little different: Cider With Rosie. The gorgeous Rosie writes in the same simple, familiar narrative that you might expect from a childhood pen pal, resulting in the kind of blog that goes perfectly with a cup of tea and biscuits after a hectic day at work.

Inspired by her grandmother's journal, Cider With Rosie describes the 'happy mundane' of Rosie's life in Surrey, England, with her husband Jason, their daughter Ottilie and their adorable cocker spaniel, Teddy. Rosie and Jason are self-professed 'old souls' who love nothing more than doing crosswords, walking in the woods, lazing about in their pyjamas and  making delicious home cooked comfort food. 

Sounds pretty perfect to us! 


Autumn 2017

Fleur De Force

This quarter we feature Fleur De Force, who we absolutely love. Fleur lives with husband Mike and their beautiful dogs in a gorgeous part of country England. As well as being one of the most successful beauty and fashion bloggers in the UK, Fleur enjoys making delicious meals with husband Mike on a regular basis and shares this with us too. We hope you enjoy Fleur’s lovely site as much as we do!